Cathy Battles, board member and membership chair, welcomes members to 'Bring-a-Friend' to the Friday, August 20th meeting.  Members of the Ada Sunrise Rotary Club will kick-off our annual membership drive with a bang this year!  Members earn points by * thinking of a prospective member to invite to Rotary * by talking to non-members about Rotary * by inviting non-members to Rotary * points are also earned when invitees attend a Rotary meeeting and finally *members receive points when prospective members are inducted as members. 

Bob Greenstreet and Michael Graham, Ada Sunrise Rotarians, have set the example of how to recruit and propose prospective members.  Bob ushers in new member, Dr. Christine Pappas as well as assisting with the re-instatement of former member, Dr. Shirley Mixon.  Outstanding, Bob!!!  Michael, also joins Bob in kicking off the Bring-a-Friend Day by serving as sponsor to what will be the club's newest member, Tara Priest. Way to go Michael!

Go team Rotary! 

New Member Tara Priest and her Rotary sponsor Michael Graham!